General Questions

Where are you located?

Our Address is 3682 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604. We are located in the shopping plaza on the side closest to the PepBoys Auto Parts. Look for the cherries in the windows.

When is the balance due for my party?

The balance for the party is due 72 hours before the scheduled party date. There are no exceptions. No, you cannot pay when you arrive because you'd like everyone to pay individually. (If this is the only option, there will be an additional fee of $35 added to the total that must be paid in cash.) The person named in the reservation/invoice is responsible for payment. The balance due is their responsibility.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required to have a party?

Yes. Parties must have a minimum of 5 and a max of 15 participants. We can accommodate large groups with special arrangements. ** Note ** Please have a definite number of participants when you make your reservation. Your deposit and total due are based on the number of participants at the time of your reservation. You will not be able to reduce the number of participants after the reservation is placed. However, you can always add participants before you pay the remaining balance. If you are unsure, we suggest making a reservation for 5 participants. This is a strict policy.

When can my guests and I arrive for the party?

ARRIVE EARLY! Your party starts and ends at the reserved time. Arriving late will take away from you and your guests’ full party experience. You may arrive no earlier than 15 mins before your scheduled party time. This allows time for you and your guests to complete your waivers and start at the scheduled time. ** Note ** Parties will not be rescheduled due to extreme lateness or no shows. The clock starts at the scheduled time regardless of whether all of the guests are present or not. Do not expect additional party time because your party arrived late. No additional time will be given.

Is there an age restriction?

Our parties are geared towards adults 18 and over. Participants under the age of 18 may attend with parental consent and the presence of an adult. The average age group ranges from young 20’s to late 40’s, but we also have participants in their 50’s and beyond.

I have a question about a party or about a party that I already booked.

Reach out to our Event Coordinator at 984.298.0444.

Do all guests have to participate? Can people come to observe the party but not participate?

No, however we recommend only inviting those that want to participate so that everyone feels comfortable. You will be charged for everyone that is present even if they do not participate. Guests who would like to observe pay a nominal fee of $35.00. If a guest starts to participate in the dance class, the guest will be asked for a party fee or the card on file will be charged $55.

Can I bring refreshments and decorations to my party?

We do not allow outside liquor, cocktails, and mixed drinks for safety and liability reasons. In addition to the complimentary water and/or wine or champagne that is provided with your party, you are welcome to bring refreshments and/or decorations. Please keep in mind that you must have everything set up and cleaned up within your scheduled party time. Please refrain from heavy food since your guests will be actively dancing throughout your party. ** Note ** If you would like to add additional time for food and/or decoration setup, extra time can be added at an additional cost .

Can I request a specific instructor for the party?

Yes, we highly recommend that you request a specific instructor. When you complete your party quote form or complete your booking with our event coordinator over the phone ,please put the name of the instructor in the form comments. This allows Pink Cherry to confirm the instructor's availability. If no request is made, any available party instructor will be assigned at our discretion.

Pink Cherry Party FAQs