Memberships that Auto Renew Monthly:  These types of memberships activate on the day of purchase unless a future date is arranged with Management.  Any unused classes at time of renewal will not roll over.  If membership is cancelled prior to renewal date, any unused classes will expire.  All Memberships are non-refundable. 


Declined Credit Cards:  If your card is declined for any purchase, there will be a $2.00 service fee added to your account.  If your card declines more than once, you will be charged a $5.00 service fee each time.  We suggest that upon the first decline you call the studio so we can make arrangements for your class to be paid in cash at the door or by other means.  If multiple attempts to run the card are made, you will be blocked and owing of all service fees before a class can be attended.


Waivers:  All students must have filled out a waiver before taking part in any class/event or workshop.  The Waiver need only be signed once per year.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform their instructor of any changes to their medical condition when they attend each class.


Class Arrival Time:  We ask everyone to arrive at least 10min. prior to class start time.  This allows students to change and be ready, so class begins and ends on time.  And this way each student participates in the full warm up at the start of each class.


Running Late to Class:  Every class starts with a warm-up.  Warming up prepares your muscles for the class, reduces potential for injuries and prepares your body for the movements being taught in class.  Your safety is our #1 priority.  This policy is strictly enforced.  Therefore, if you are more than 7 minutes late to a class, you will not be able to join the class.  This will be considered a “late cancel.”  (see cancellation policy below)


Cancellation Policy:  If due to an unforeseen emergency you are unable to attend a class you have booked, we require a 48-hour notice.  You must call and speak with someone live or leave a detailed voicemail, so we have the date stamp.  This gives us the ability to back fill your spot in the class.  If we do not receive this notice, No refund will be issued.


Private Parties in Studio:  The party host must put down a deposit upon booking (starting at $150). Deposit amount is dependent upon the package chosen.  The deposit is non-refundable.  Balance will be due before the start of the party.  All participants must sign a waiver, so we ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes prior to party start time.


Classes Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather:  Pink Cherry Pole & Dance Studio, LLC will announce any class cancellations on their Facebook and Instagram pages as well as follow up with Newsletter and emails.  If you are concerned a class may be cancelled due to bad weather and can't see a notification, please contact us at (919) 816-7662.  If class is cancelled for this reason, you will automatically be moved to the same class at a later date.


Medical:  If you have any medical conditions or injuries or are worried about any aspect of your health that may prevent you from doing physical activity, you must consult your doctor prior to attending any class.  Please advise your instructor of any health conditions at the start of the class.

Pink Cherry FAQs