MartezDominique is a Dancer, Choreographer, Creative Director, and North Carolina Central University alumn based in the RDU area who experiments with pushing the limits of visual art and creative companionship.  During her time at NC Central, she joined Prestige Modeling and Entertainment--partnering with Underground LegendZ dance crew--and pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc leading the organization to competition victory including a 3 time winning streak for NCCU Homecoming National Pan-Hellenic Council Step Shows.  


Her dance foundation started with choreographing step shows for basketball games and competitions, leading the White Oak High School Step Team (est. 2002) to their first victory at the 2008 Annual Jr Step Show.  Today, MartezDominique is Head Instructor at Pink Cherry Pole and Dance Studio and teaches heels every Tuesday at 7pm with ARUHeels


ARUHeels is a Raleigh-based, foundational runway workshop series with focus on the fundamentals of walking and dancing in heels.  We train experienced models and everyday men and women to love their heels and provide performance opportunities to apply their learned techniques.


MartezDominique also choreographs and directs creative works for artists ranging from the local level to national recording via WhichOneARU™️ Creative Consultation Services in partnership with ARUReels


Her biggest creative inspiration is the Lord, God Himself.  Through Him, ALL THINGS are possible. We are all crafted in the image of The Creator; to create, is to do His work. 


"..know with all of your heart, and all of your soul, not one thing has failed of all the good things God has promised concerning you for all have come to pass."

[Joshua 23:14]

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